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2006 EVENTS!
Entertainers Don Knotts, Jack Palance and James __ passed away
The "Crocodile Hunter" Steve __ died filming an underwater feature
The 2006 World Cup was won by __
North __ tested a nuclear bomb and fired long-range missiles
This "dwarf" planet was demoted from planet status by astronomers
__ introduced the huge A380 super-jumbo jet to the airliner market
Katie __ became the anchor of the CBS Evening News
Tom __ and Katie Holmes had a baby girl named Suri on April 18
Former U.S. President __ Ford died on December 26
Vice President Dick Cheney made news by shooting a __
Former Iraqi President __ Hussein was tried and executed
__ Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King passed away
Renewed Israeli-Hezbollah fighting in __ claimed many lives
__ made news by adopting a child from Malawi
The U.S. population reached 300 __ people in October
Former __ spy Alexander Litvinenko died of radiation poisoning
In November, the Democrats won enough seats to control __
The 2006 Winter __ were held in Turin, Italy
In September, the military of __ took over in a bloodless coup
The St. Louis __ won the 2006 World Series
Slobodan __ died during his trial for war crimes in Kosovo
Robert Gates replaced Donald Rumsfeld as __ of Defense
The __ Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl
Border protection and __ issues gained political attention
New York City banned the use of trans-fats by __
In October, ten Amish girls were tragically shot in a school in __
Controversial American cyclist Floyd Landis won the __ __ __
The Sago mine disaster in __ __ claimed 12 lives with one survivor
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