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I LOVE your puzzles and use them in my classroom. -Julie, KS

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Clue Search Puzzles Introduction

Look at any grocery or convenience store magazine rack, and you can tell right away that people love word puzzles.  They're a great way to spend some spare time and test your knowledge and problem-solving skills.

They come in all kinds: crossword puzzles, word searches, trivia games, and a variety of variations.  So why is it that no one has found a fun way to combine them into a single puzzle?  We did.

Clue Search Puzzles were created as an entertaining alternative to traditional word puzzles.  By combining elements from crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and adding trivia questions about a number of topics, a new puzzle format was born.  We even added a hidden message to each puzzle to make it just a little more rewarding.

You don't need a collection of reference materials with Clue Search Puzzles. You don't even need to know all the answers. With our puzzles, the answers are embedded right there in the puzzle, just waiting to be discovered. By matching the terms you discover in the puzzle with the clues that you don't have answers for, you can learn new facts and trivia about all kinds of topics.

Now you don't even have to run to the store for a good puzzle collection.  With Clue Search Puzzles you can download dozens of puzzles for free.  The files are small, so you can even save time when downloading.  All you need to do is pick a topic, download the puzzle, and print it out. Then grab a pencil and have some fun!

Our free puzzles are available in Adobe ".pdf" format, so you can download and print them easily.  They can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free program that's available from the Adobe website and is already loaded on many computers.

You can even challenge your friends by telling them about a puzzle and then racing them to find the hidden answer.  Send them a link to our website and they can download their favorite puzzles and join the fun!

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the puzzles!

Our Mission

The Clue Search Puzzles mission is to provide an entertaining and educational experience through the distribution of our unique word puzzles. does not intend to promote any specific group, culture, religion or organization. We believe that the true nature of the world is too wonderful and diverse to limit our topics to only those that are representative of a single demographic group or region.

Our long term goal is to provide entertaining and educational experiences to people all over the world, without regard to region, religion or language. In doing so, we hope to improve everyone's understanding of their own world, and the worlds of people in other cultures.

ClueSearchPuzzles are and always will be family-friendly. Each puzzle is reviewed for accurate and appropriate content, and puzzle fields are scanned for unintentional and inappropriate words or word fragments. If you do in fact find an inadvertently offensive term in one of our puzzles, please let us know immediately, and we will take appropriate action.

Clue Search Puzzles History

The predecessor to Clue Search Puzzles began in the Spring of 2002 in Belleville, Illinois, USA as an idea to create poster-sized word search puzzles and sell them over the internet.

After eleven years of engineering and creating drawings for the aviation industry, Todd Bailey took his drafting experience, and an ongoing interest in home businesses and self-employment, and set out to find a product that could be created digitally and distributed over the internet.

A trip to the local grocery store revealed a large local interest in trivia games and word puzzles, specifically crosswords and word search puzzles. Thinking that a poster-sized word search puzzle would make a great novelty, he set out to create his first word search poster, an 800-term word search poster of College Terms. This launched his first word search puzzle website: There are now several word search posters available at

Then one day in 2003 his wife Shannon came home from work and related a conversation she'd had with an English teacher about word puzzles. She said that a crossword or word search puzzle in itself is not especially useful in a classroom, but if there were a way to incorporate vocabulary terms or teach something interesting with a word puzzle, she might be interested.

By combining the format of printable crossword puzzles, the tip from the teacher, adding a hidden term, and organizing them in an interesting format, Clue Search Puzzles was born! After months of research, development, trial, and error, these unique puzzles are now available to you exclusively at

Contact Us

Thanks for visiting! We hope you find Clue Search Puzzles fun and interesting.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email us at We especially appreciate ideas for new puzzles, and improvements or additions to our current offerings.

Our puzzles and publications are revised and updated occasionally, so if you find any errors or obvious omissions of a good and relevant term, or anything else you'd like to suggest, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks again, and Happy Puzzling!

Todd Bailey
ClueSearchPuzzles LLC

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