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Spoilers on top of the wing are used to add __ and slow the aircraft
__ on the wings create additional lift when flying slowly
Mach 1 is when you are travelling at the speed of __
Aircraft may be optimized for __, range, payload, or maneuverability
If the nose of the aircraft is too high, the wing may __, or lose lift
Shock waves can form on the __ of even some subsonic aircraft
A __ has no engine and relies on a tow plane and rising air currents
The pilot uses trim controls to __ the aircraft in flight
__ are required for sustained flight of heavier-than-air vehicles
The airfoil cross-__ may change along the length of the wing
Computers and wind __ are used to optimize aircraft designs
__ are the moving surfaces at the wing tips that roll the aircraft
Temperature decreases with increasing __, up to the stratosphere
__ use hot air or light gasses for buoyancy to rise in the air
Some __ aircraft can fly above 60,000 feet and above Mach 3
Wings provide lift by creating a __ differential above and below them
The buildup of ice on the wings can cause __ with air flow
Most commercial aircraft fly around 35,000 feet above __ __
A __ takeoff and landing or VTOL aircraft requires no runway
__ are vertical fins at the wing tips to reduce drag
__'s equation describes the pressure of a moving fluid
Spins are __; not all aircraft can recover from them
The tail, or __ has vertical and horizontal surfaces
The fuselage is pressurized for __ comfort in high altitude aircraft
The spar is the main load-bearing __ of the wing
The standard, sea-level __ is used in many calculations
The wing must be stiff to avoid damage from flutter in __
__ __ is retracted when not in use to reduce drag
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