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A __ flow meter shows how quickly you can empty your lungs
Asthma inflames and narrows the airways in the __
__ constriction is technically called bronchoconstriction
Your __ can prescribe medicine that best controls your symptoms
Asthma is an __ system response to irritants
Molds and __ are a problem in moist, humid environments
People with asthma can lead __ lives with proper medication
Your doctor will use pulse oximetry to check the __ level of your blood
Sportsmen Dennis __ & Jerome Bettis have asthma
__ can sometimes cause an asthma attack, so take time to relax
Asthma is a __ condition that can last for years or all your life
People with asthma often carry a rescue __ in case they need it
A __ is something that causes an asthma attack
Prolonged and intense aerobic __ can cause an asthma attack
Wheezing, shortness of breath, & coughing are _ of an asthma attack
__ like smoke, dust, & pet dander can cause breathing problems
Most asthma sufferers are diagnosed in early __ or teens
Cleopatra actress __ Taylor had asthma
Corticosteroids & bronchodilators are types of __ that control asthma
Young children can use a __ that turns their medicine into a fine mist
If asthma goes untreated __ damage can occur
Illnesses like bronchitis and __ can cause asthma symptoms
Presidents Teddy __, Woodrow Wilson, and JFK all had asthma
__ in the chest makes it difficult to move air in and out of your lungs
Asthma is not __, but there are inherited tendencies
__ is the body's way of dealing with things that are harmful or foreign
Dust, pollen and mold are __ factors that can worsen asthma
__ products are items that contain few or no irritating substances
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