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At some aquariums you can scuba __ with the fish
There are usually __ shops with t-shirts, shells and stuffed fish
It takes skill to create and maintain a true __ environment
Many aquariums have Amazon and Nile __ displays
Children may be able to feel rays, starfish and anemones in __ tanks
An __ pass will save you money if you plan to visit often
Moray eels are __ animals, though a few other types live in rivers
River __ are related to ferrets and polecats and love to play
Very large aquariums, like Sea World, may have __ or orca shows
__ and water pumps keep the water clean and moving
Fish travel in __
Sea __ can live up to 100 years. Chicago has one named Nickel
Sea __ are animals that look like flowers
__ are crustaceans and taste good with butter
If the aquarium has an Antarctic exhibit you may see __
These type of fish eat flesh - watch your fingers
A __ is from the genus Hippocampus, meaning "horse sea monster"
A __ can regenerate missing or damaged arms
__ use stinging tentacles to capture their prey
__ are related to sharks and have mouths and gills on their underside
Frogs, salamanders and newts are all types of __
An octopus is a __, which are smart enough to escape cages
Clown fish, like Nemo and blue tang, like Dory, live near __ __
School children enjoy __ __ to aquariums
__ fish include trout, catfish, perch and minnows
The eyes of __ sharks can see above and below at all times
Staff or __ may be available to answer questions
Many aquariums have cafes or __ to feed their guests
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