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If the pitcher does not follow the rules, he may be charged a __
To hit the ball lightly with the bat so that it drops in the infield
A fair ball must remain in the field of play between the __ lines
An __ is charged if a fielder fails to make a routine play
A player's __ is also called a mitt
A runner may __ a base if the defense is not prepared to stop him
Most right-handed hitters will hit towards __ base
A batter that is next in the lineup is __ __
The __ baseman usually plays on the first-base side of his base
If you can make it to third base after hitting the ball, it's a __
The guy behind the catcher
An area where pitchers warm up, or the relief pitching staff itself
This position is hard on the knees
The arrangement of the bases is called a __
A person playing defense, especially out beyond the bases
When a batter can reach all four bases after hitting the ball
A normal game is nine __ long, unless the game is tied afterwards
He stands on a mound in the center of the baseball diamond
The __-inning stretch is a baseball tradition
A base runner may avoid being tagged out by __ to the base
Three __ and you're out
Major League Baseball has the American and __ Leagues
A home run hit when the bases are loaded
Defensive position between second and third base
In the American League, a __ hitter may hit for the pitcher
If a batter does not swing at a pitch outside of the __ __ it's a "ball"
Term for when three runners are on base
The final games of the MLB season to determine the world champion
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