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Mallards are a common type of __
The Whooping __ of North America is an endangered species
The bald __ is the symbol of the United States
__ are believed to have vision eight times better than humans
Edgar Allan Poe is often associated with this bird
This type of bird is known for its red breast
It is a myth that this type of bird delivers newborn babies
The peregrine __ is the fastest creature on the planet
Some __ are called egrets or bitterns
The sea hawk, fish hawk and fish eagle are all names for the __
This type of bird can be taught to talk like a human
The passenger __ is now extinct due to severe over-hunting
The __ is known for its long colorful beak
There are two types of __: California and Andean
This large, flightless bird from Africa can run up to 40 mph
This water bird is identified by its distinctive pouch
A flightless black and white bird
A __ circles high in the air searching for carcasses for food
__ geese fly in a V-formation for better aerodynamics
A bright pink bird that often stands on one leg
The Ancient Mariner was forced to wear one of these around his neck
__ are a similar to parrots, but are only found in and around Australia
__ are smaller parrots that are often kept as pets
The Kiwi is a small flightless bird from __ __
Woody is the most famous __
The male of this type of bird is known for its singing
"Two __ __, and a partridge in a pear tree"
Some __ can flap their wings 15-80 times per second
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