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__ is not only an exercise, but also a form of meditation
Bodhisattva refers to an "enlightenment __ " on the path to buddhahood
There is debate as to whether it is a religion since it involves no __
Zen Buddhism is popular in China, Korea and __
The word __ in Sanskrit means action or work
There are __ Factors of Enlightenment
Siddhartha Gautama is better known as __
One definition of __ is the teachings of Buddha
Buddhism is predominant on the __ Subcontinent and in East Asia
Buddhists believe in following the __ Way or Path
The Theravada branch of Buddhism means "The __ of Elders"
The Four Noble __ are central to the teachings of Buddhism
__ includes having the right view and the right intention
__ conduct includes right speech, right action and right livelihood
The state of __ is believed to be free of suffering
Buddhists believe in a cycle of life, death and __
The Mahayana branch of Buddhism means "The Great __"
There are several Virtuous Behaviors or __ that Buddhists follow
Buddhism was the first __ with worldwide influence and is still growing
Buddhists avoid __, theft, lying, and sensual misconduct
The Noble __ Path leads to the cessation of suffering
The Three Marks of __ are impermanence, suffering and not-self
The term dukkha refers to __, anxiety or dissatisfaction
Many Buddhists practice __ to focus their mind and awareness
__ is the awareness of the reality of things
__ includes right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration
Bodhi refers to __, the ability to comprehend the nature of things
The brahmavihares are also called The Four __
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