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Engines with carburetors need the __ filter replaced more frequently
Engine timing __ need to be replaced when they are worn or cracked
The __ system consists of linings, rotors, drums, and fluid lines
The __ engine light may indicate a sensor or emissions problem
Engine __ need to be replaced if they are cracked, swollen or leaking
Keep your __ inflated at the recommended pressure for best gas mileage
You should carry tire __ if you'll be driving in winter weather
The __ air filter should be replaced when dirty or damaged
Replace the passenger air __ once a year for better cabin airflow
If you drive with burned-out __ you could be stopped by the police
Clean and __ the car to maintain its wax finish and overall appearance
Windshield __ should be replaced when damaged, streaking or chattering
The electrical connection to the __ should be tight and free of corrosion
Leaks in the __ system can lead dangerous gases to the car cabin
Clean the car's __ to prevent stains, trash build-up, and strange smells
Check the power __ fluid during oil changes and add if low
Most states require __ testing to control pollution
You should get an __ __ every 3,000 miles to prevent engine damage
If your car won't start, it could be the battery or the __
Also known as coolant; be sure there is enough in the reservoir
You may need an __ __ to clear the windows in winter
__ __ are part of the ignition system and are changed during a tune-up
Components of this system include shocks and springs
Check your __ wiper fluid monthly, maybe more in the winter
Some people like to improve or personalize their car with __
Many cars require occasional __ of the chassis with grease
Air __ systems use refrigerant to cool the cabin air in warm climates
Check automatic __ fluid level with engine running and gearshift in park
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