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I love your site!! It's so much fun!! I have a blast doing the puzzles and sharing them with friends! -Becky, CA
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From the Isle of Man, the __ breed of cat has little or no tail
__ such as robins and pigeons are a cat's favorite prey
The Abyssinian breed of cat is thought to have come from __
A term for a wild, undomesticated cat
The __ Coon cat is an official state cat
Cats have excellent __ vision
Cats __ 13-16 hours a day
Mackerel, classic, spotted and ticked are __ patterns of fur coloring
A cat's favorite plant
A baby cat is called a __
A cat uses their __ for grooming
A group of cats is called a __
Cats are __ intolerant and may get diarrhea if they drink milk
The __ longhaired cat has a flattened muzzle
__ is one of the sounds cats are known to make
Cat type featured in Disney's Lady and the Tramp
A __ cat cannot climb or scratch the furniture
__ decreases when cats are spayed or neutered
The Sphynx and Peterbald are breeds of __ cats
The American Bombay breed of cats are meant to look like wild __
Cats sometimes mark their territory by __ urine
Cats use their __ to aid in navigation and sensation
A __ cat has a tail like a rabbit and is common in Japan
Cats regurgitate __ occasionally
__ cats have registered ancestry
Cats are __ - they can hunt for their food
A __ post is a good idea - it can save your furniture
The scientific __ of domestic cats is Felis Silvestris Catus
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