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I love your site!! It's so much fun!! I have a blast doing the puzzles and sharing them with friends! -Becky, CA
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"His __ is worse than his bite"
This city wasn't built in a day
To "grow like a __" means to grow quickly
The early bird gets this
If you are "bent out of shape" it means you are __
"You can't judge a book by its __"
"Get your __ in a row"
"When push comes to __..."
"Long in the __" has the same meaning as "Over the hill"
Someone who lies "speaks with a __ tongue"
"What's good for the goose, is good for the __"
He who does this last, does it best
KISS - "Keep It Simple __"
A person who knows how to upset you can "push your __"
It's not over until she sings
Alexander Pope coined the phrase "hope __ eternal"
If something is "hard to __" it means it is difficult to believe
"Life is a bowl of __"
"__ the walls" means being unable to control oneself
"Like __ fish in a barrel" means something is really easy
If you look a lot like someone people say you are their "__ image"
If someone is "__ __" they aren't good with their hands
Toddlers can be "like a bull in a __ __" if you don't watch them
If you admire someone you can "follow in their __" to be like them
Forrest Gump's mama always said "Life is like a box of __"
To __ __ __ is a flippant reference to getting married
"Don�t have a cow, man" is a favorite saying of __ __
If you get your clocked cleaned, it means you were knocked __
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