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Coffee is made from the seeds in the __ of the coffee plant
Once picked, the berry flesh is removed and the seeds are __
Unripe coffee berries are __; ripe ones are red
Too much coffee can cause an elevated __ and excitement
Kopi Luwak is made from berry __ digested by the Asian Palm Civet
Coffee production requires large amounts of fresh __
Coffee is slightly __ and can damage or stain tooth enamel
Light roasting preserves more of the bean's oils, dark gives __ flavor
__ is the leading exporter of coffee, with over 33% of the market
The grind of the coffee and how it's __ affects the flavor
Coffee was introduced to __ through trade with Turkey and Indonesia
The coffee plant originated in Ethiopia and the __ peninsula
It was grown and consumed in Arabia as early as the 15th __
Fair trade programs seek to enforce __ standards in coffee production
Used coffee __ can be used as compost or as a soil additive
__ coffee is made by quickly boiling the grounds and serving
The caffeine in coffee can act as an __ suppressant
Decaffeination removes __ from the raw seeds using hot water
Growers in many developing countries depend on coffee as a __ __
__ uses pressurized hot water to extract a more concentrated drink
Most coffee consumed in Europe, Asia and North America is __
Stored coffee is sensitive to heat and __, which degrades the flavor
Coffee became more popular in America after the Boston __ __
Coffee is grown in over 70 __, mostly equatorial ones
Some countries and religions have __ coffee at times for various reasons
Instant coffee is made from __-__ concentrated coffee
A __ __ forces the grounds to the bottom so the coffee can pour out
Home __ run hot water over the grounds and through a filter
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