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Thank you so very much for creating such wonderful puzzles!!!! They are so much fun to do when I need to take a break!! -Stephanie, PA
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The person in charge of the kitchen at an upscale restaurant
A small restaurant or __ may require a short-order cook
__ (corn) is a staple food native to the Americas
Inter-regional __ introduced new foods to many parts of the world
Smoking, __ and pickling are used to preserve foods
Northern __ features wheat and rye while the south has olive oil and rice
__ is a fairly recent term for a fine food and drinks hobbyist
__ like wheat and rice can be used to create pastas and breads
Lamb, lemons, peppers and olive oil are popular in the __ East
Another term for the mouth, especially how it perceives food
Southern Asia uses many __ to create a variety of flavorful foods
A region's traditional foods can be influenced by __, religion or economics
__ describes the food of a particular region or culture
__ is a term used to describe fine food and drink
__ foods are certified to be free of pesticides and other chemicals
__ Arts: the art of preparing food that is pleasing to the eye and palate
Food __ jobs: writers, critics, teachers, chefs, owners and consultants
Genetically-__ foods have been met with controversy and skepticism
Several unique __ have been created to prepare specific food ingredients
A school __ has to balance between nutrition and what kids will eat
__ may need to make food that is easy for patients to chew and digest
Food preparation requires knowledge of diet and __
The quality of a __ is dependent on its chef or cook
Family and social __ of food is important to nearly all cultures
__ determines food compatibility by analyzing food aromas and odorants
Food science describes its chemistry and interactions with other __
Gastronomy studies all aspect of food, including research, __ and taste
Some people have special dietary __ that exclude gluten or dairy products
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