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Bill Phillips' __ for Life is a 12 week diet and exercise program
__ Fast can be used as a meal replacement
Barry Sears' __ Diet has strict ratios of fat, protein and carbohydrates
The South __ Diet began as a way to stop heart disease
Oprah and Rachel Ray have endorsed the use of the Brazilian Acai __
Eat Right 4 Your Type is based on your __ type
A __ diet helps eliminate toxins from the body
Diets high in soluble and insoluble __ can help you feel full
The TV show Celebrity Fit Club spawned the Fat __ Diet
If you are on a gluten-free Diet you can't eat __ and other cereals
According to Mireille Guiliano __ women don't get fat
The __ Diet by Connie Guttersen focuses on 10 power foods
Jared is well known for losing weight eating at this sandwich place
__ don't eat or use any animal products
The Elimination Diet is useful to identify a food __ or intolerance
The __ Soup Diet is considered a fad diet, like the Grapefruit Diet
These Japanese islanders have long life spans, hence the __ Diet
A high __ diet includes lots of meats and dairy products
The USDA recommends using the food __ for guidance
G.I. stands for __ Index
Weight __ was founded in 1963 as a support system for weight loss
Valerie Bertinelli is a spokesperson for __ __
The Abs Diet was created by an editor of __ __ Magazine
Dr. Atkins wrote Dr. Atkins' Diet __ in 1981
Dan Marino and Larry the Cable Guy are spokesmen for __
The __ Diet has also been called the Caveman or Hunter-Gatherer diet
On a low-__ diet you shouldn't eat any breads or pastas
The __ Diet uses olive oil rather than animal fats
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