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__ is a type of pollution that changes the air color around cities
Earth Day events take place on the 22nd of this month
__ energy can heat our homes using the sun instead of electricity
Deforestation is when too many __ are cut down and not replaced
The __ rain forest is slowly being destroyed by deforestation
Wind turbines take __ from the wind and turn it into electricity
Earth Day went __ in 1990, reaching 200 million people in 141 countries
Trees and plants replenish the Earth's supply of __
"__, reuse, and recycle" is a useful slogan
Instead of driving, try riding your __
Decaying waste from your kitchen that can be used as fertilizer
Fruits and vegetables that were produced without polluting chemicals
Give a hoot! Don't __!
__ nationwide participate each year in Earth Day activities
The first Earth Day was in the year Nineteen __
Global __ is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation
Newspapers, cans, glass, plastic and tires can all be __
__, we can all save the Earth
The Earth Day Network reaches over 12,000 organizations & 174 __
Garbage is dumped in __ which are quickly running out of room
If you do not put garbage in it's proper place you are __
Earth Day founder, Gaylord Nelson was a senator from __
Another word for saving, especially water or consumables
Gorillas, elephants and panda bears are well known __ species
The Environmental __ Agency was established in 1970
Entire __ can get involved in cleaning up their cities
Some new hybrid cars use both gas and __ for power
Earth Day is the anniversary of the start of the modern __ movement
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