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The Great Hanshin earthquake devastated __, Japan in 1995
Boundary between plates where relative motion can cause a quake
Earthquakes can cause __ if gas pipes rupture or power wires fall
The __ or hypocenter of most earthquakes lies far below the surface
Smaller earthquakes can be caused by moving __ in volcanoes
Large __ developing in seismic areas may be at tremendous risk
The __ caused is proportional to the development of the affected area
Earthquake magnitudes are measured by the __ released
Large sections of the Earth's crust that move relative to each other
The familiar and traditional __ scale still measures smaller quakes
An earthquake creates __ waves that travel through the ground
Another word for an earthquake
Huge ocean waves generated by large underwater earthquakes
Some __ in earthquake-prone areas have related stories and legends
There are thousands of seismic __ around the world recording motion
Term for the surface above the place of origin of the quake motion
San __, California had a major earthquake and fires in 1906
Medium and large quakes are now measured on the moment __ scale
Cities in seismic areas should __ bridges and major buildings
Term for the motion of plates of the earth's crust
A subsequent, weaker earthquake following the initial quake
Some anticipate this state to be hit by The Big One at some point
Avalanches, mudslides and __ can be triggered by earthquakes
The __ __ __ includes Japan and the west coasts of the Americas
Dams and critical __ need to account for potential seismic activity
Zone where one plate of the Earth's crust is forced below another
Around 10,000 __ occur each year; most can't be felt
A __ or seismograph records earthquake intensities
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