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Many doomsday predictions involve a killer asteroid, a __ or alien invasion
Several religious __ have publicly, and erroneously, predicted Armageddon
The __ Calendar suggested the world would end on December 21, 2012
A __ flare could cause damage, but likely wouldn't wipe out the Earth
Some cults and religions point to __ as the source and saviors of human life
The book of Revelation describes the Second Coming of __
Eschatology is the theological study of death, judgment, __ and hell
Even ancient __ feared a prophecy that said Rome would be destroyed
Scientists say the Earth is 4.5 __ years old - the odds are good it will endure
The __'s Witnesses have repeatedly predicted 20th century Armageddon
During the Cold War, __ war was a very real threat to human existence
Predictions of the end have been associated with the alignment of the __
The Bible's version of the beginning of the end times
In 1997, 39 people in the Heaven's Gate cult committed __ for a UFO ride
Some think Global __ could eventually make the Earth uninhabitable
Books & movies would have you think that undead __ will conquer the Earth
Survivalists and __-preppers have been stocking and arming themselves
The communication of a divine message by a prophet or messenger
In billions of years, our Sun may become a __ __ and destroy the Earth
Some feared that the Large Hadron Collider might create a deadly __ __
Y2K, or the year 2000, caused concern that __ would collapse society
An asteroid is believed to have wiped out the __ about 65 million years ago
In Norse __, the end of days is called Ragnarok
Most __ attempt to explain the beginning and end of the world
Many disliked world leaders have been suggested to be the __-__
Most people predicting __ think it will happen during their lifetime
Mankind now possesses the technology to bring about its own __
This historical seer predicted a "King of Terror" would come in July of 1999
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