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Open pit and strip mining are ways to extract __
__ power harnesses the power of the ocean
The Dutch are famous for harnessing the power of the __
A campfire uses __ for fuel
__ energy comes from the sun
The use of __ engines made trains a popular mode of transportation
At one time, __ wheels were used to grind grain
Commercial vehicles, like trucks, use this type of fuel
Gasoline, coal, oil and natural gas are considered __ fuels
A __ vehicle combines a small gas engine with an electric motor
Household energy needs vary by the __ of the area
A __ is what heats a house
This country is well known for its geothermal resources
__ waste can remain dangerous for thousands of years
__ grills are becoming more popular than charcoal
The most common type of fuel used to power automotive engines
Cars that run on __ get better mileage, but cost much more
These come in many sizes: AA, AAA, C, D
Energy-__ items use less power for the same performance
A __ is a machine that produces electrical power
Wind, water, solar energy and timber are __ resources
Engines are rated by their torque and __
Proper __ keeps a house warm in the winter and cool in the summer
A __ __ fireplace is pretty to look at and there is less mess
__ is what runs our appliances and lights, among other things
Energy __ focuses on using less resources in daily life
__ batteries are a good way to save money and reduce waste
Dams provide this kind of energy
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