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A flashback leaves the present scene and details events in the __
"'Tiny' Mahoney weighs over 300 pounds" is an example of __
Anticlimax: ideas move from most to __ important
Assonance is the repeating of a __ sound within a sentence
An overused phrase or expression often used for comedic effect
__: ideas move from the least to the most important idea
Comic __ is used to lighten the audience's tension or mood
Colloquialism is a word or phrase used in everyday __
Overly pompous speech with little meaning behind it
Language used by a specific group, region or class
Language that evokes sensory information
Asyndeton is the __ of conjunctions between words or phrases
Anadiplosis is the repetition of a word in order to emphasize the __
Repetition of a word at the beginning of sentences or phrases
A __ sentence has two clauses of equal length and importance
Word used in a specific field and misused by those outside of it
Old words or phrases that are only used in literature now
Epanalepsis repeats the __ word or phrase of a sentence at the end
"I am so hungry I could eat a horse" is an example of __
Yoda's "Always in motion the future is" is an example of __
Antimetabole: __ of two ideas to contrast them or show alternatives
Two sentences of contrasting meaning placed near each other
The bad boy, the leader, the nurturing female, the waif, the hero.
A __ sentence is a clause followed by a dependent clause and details
In __ construction, redundant or obvious words are omitted
PSTD for shell shocked & the big "C" for Cancer are examples of __
Darling doggie. It was a wet and windy weekend.
Hints within a story of what may happen later or at the end
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