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Dr. Watson acts as a friendly __ to Sherlock Holmes
A metaphor compares two ideas but does not use "__" or "as"
The author sets the __ with his choices of words and imagery
Anthropomorphism lends __ qualities to an animal or object
A handsome prince saving the princess is a common __ in fairytales
Words related to a specific field of study, event, or group
Malapropism is the __ of words when a character is flustered
"Mother-in-law = woman Hitler" is an example of an __
Circumlocution uses long, __ sentences instead of a simple one
A form of understatement that denies the opposite of reality
Deus ex __: a plot is resolved with an implausible concept
In __ order sentences the subject comes before the predicate
Lord Voldemort is the __ of Harry Potter
"The following sentence is true. Everything I say is false."
Aesop's Fables uses __ to entertain and teach
Something that is keeping the protagonist from reaching his goal
This follows the last chapter and can offer tidbits about the future
"Jumbo shrimp" is an __
Euphony refers to __ or melodic sounding words and phrases
Strong, unpleasant sounds expressed in literature
__ is a metonym for the American cinema
When the author speaks to his reader, he uses authorial __
__ changes the usual placement of words, like in Paradise Lost
In __ there is inversion of the usual order of words or clauses
The __ of a word is its most basic meaning. "A home is a structure."
__ is when someone attaches emotion to a word
An apparition or double of a living person, like an evil twin.
When two ideas are placed side by side to compare or contrast
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