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The sequence of events in a novel leading to the climax
"Bakers make a lot of __" is an example of a pun
Personification gives __ characteristics to an inanimate object
"It is raining cats and dogs" is an example of an __
Logos is the use of __ in an argument
How a story is narrated is called the __ of view
Words used in everyday language or as a passing fad
"In Idaho, potatoes grow" is a __ order sentence
__ is the use of an emotional appeal in an argument
Making fun of human weakness or flaws is called __ in literature
A comparison using "like" or "as"
An object or person that stands for more than just itself
Standard English __ does not identify the writer's class or region
Ethos is the use of __ appeal in an argument
In synesthetic __, one sense represents another; "it smelled yellow"
A __ tells a story with human characters and lesson or moral
__ uses bitter or cutting remarks that often understate
The __ includes the time, place and mood of the story
__ sentences do not express a complete thought until the end
The __ is the introduction at the beginning of a story
An inner __ is a way of showing the stream of consciousness
A metaphor where a part represents the whole and vice versa
__ shows that two ideas are equal within a sentence
__ adds in extra words to extend the message that is being given
Smog is a well-known __ of smoke and fog
__ diction uses overly complex language to sound smarter
Buzz, huff, quack, moo, splash, beep, tick-tock
"It was only a little temblor" to describe an 8.6 earthquake
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