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__, or fighting fish, require no oxygenation of their water
Ant __ show how the colony works as a group
Fennec foxes are native to North __ and have oversized ears
Cats, dogs, birds and fish are not considered __ pets
Cavy, or __ pigs, are neither pigs, nor from New Guinea
A genet is a cat-like __ that is related to civets and mongooses
A degu is a intelligent, __, rat-like rodent native to Chile
Lions and __ are sometimes kept by the wealthy as pets
Wolfdogs descend from dogs and __ and have a better sense of smell
Pot-__ pigs became popular in the 90s but grew larger than expected
Turtles make fairly docile pets but are cold-__ and need to be kept warm
Jirds and Jerboas are rodents found in __ and semi-arid areas of Asia
__ resemble large rodents but are actually related to otters and minks
Small __ such as mantises, roaches or beetles require little space
Capuchin __ are the kind associated with organ grinders and pirates
Capybaras are the world's largest __ and are native to South America
Mice and __ are common pet rodents
Grizzly Adams was a California __ man with a grizzly bear as a pet
Rabbits can be kept indoors in cages, or __ in hutches
Monkeys, lemurs, and other __ are best left to trained handlers
__ and amphibians like snakes and frogs are found in pet stores
These small, quilled mammals with cute faces became popular in the 80's
Spiders, snakes and __ can make creepy pets
Sugar gliders resemble flying __ but are related to possums
__ __ is a brand name for a mail-order kit of brine shrimp
__ are medium-sized rodents with soft fur native to the Andes mountains
__ __ crawl around with snail shells on their backs
Boa __ can reach ten feet long and 30 years of age
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