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__ rain is very harmful to the environment and caused by pollution
__ lightning moves slower than regular lightning, but is still dangerous
Soot and ash in the atmosphere can make the moon appear red or __
This word is a combination of smoke and fog
The current highest temperature ever recorded was 136 F in __
Katabatic __ can blow with hurricane force downhill
The Northern Lights are also called the __ Borealis
Dust __ or whirlwinds are smaller versions of tornadoes
In a __ rainbow the colors are mirrored
The Enhanced __ Scale rates the strength of a tornado
An __ summer refers to unusually warm weather in the fall
In the desert or when it's really hot you might see a __ in the distance
Antarctica is the coldest at -129 F, followed by two cities in __ at -90 F
1816 was "The Year Without a __" because of a volcanic eruption
A __ is halo around the sun caused by ice crystals
A __ is caused by the sun shining through water droplets
Red __ and blue jets only occur in the upper atmosphere
Wind speeds of a hurricane are measured by the __ scale
Tropical __ can be called hurricanes or typhoons depending on location
The Great __ __ of 1998 left Eastern Canada without power for weeks
A __ cloud is an example of a pyrocumulus cloud
St. __ __ is not dangerous, but can be startling to see
An __ is when warm air overlies cool air restricting circulation
A __ blows dust and loose dirt
__ on a mountainside most often occur after a heavy snowfall
__ __ have layers and can get as big as a softball, but rarely
__ __ occur in normally dry streambeds or creeks after heavy rains
Frogs and fish can be picked up by __ and then rain down miles away
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