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__ el-Sadat, Egyptian President 1970-1981, brought peace with Israel
King __ XIV, the Sun King, 1638-1715; built the palace at Versailles
__ the Great; Czar of Russia 1672-1725
__ Mussolini, Fascist dictator of Italy, 1922-1943
Dictator of Cuba since 1959
Mahatma __ was one of the founding fathers of modern India
Leader of Nazi Germany, 1933-1945
Leader of the Soviet Union 1929-1953, Joseph __
__ Khan; united the Mongolian tribes in 1206 and conquered most of Asia
Shot in Dallas, November 22, 1963
The sixteenth president of the United States
South African Leader imprisoned for 27 years
__ the Conqueror defeated the English at Hastings in 1066
Otto von __; considered founder of the German Empire, 1862-1890
WWII leader, later reformed the French government and constitution
First woman British Prime Minister, 1979-1990
Became Queen of England in 1837 at the age of 18
__ Lenin; 1917 Bolshevik leader and first leader of the Soviet Union
Macedonian king tutored by Aristotle in 336 B.C.: __ the Great
Napoleon __; Emperor of France 1799-1815
Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II
Queen of Egypt and lover of Marc Antony, 51 B.C.
Aztec ruler captured by Cortez in 1519
Only U.S. President to serve three terms, Franklin Delano __
Founding member of the Chinese Communist Party, 1949
Revolutionary General who became the father of a new nation
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and first King of France, 742-814
Known for six wives: Catherine, Anne, Jane, Anne, Kathryn and Katherine
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