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Commander _ was 3rd in command on Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Iron __ was written by Ted Hughes and made into a movie in 1999
In the __ Gear video games the goal is to destroy bipedal nuclear tanks
Zords are fighting machines used by the __ Rangers
She was the Jetson's maid
WALL-E stands for __ Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class
The Stepford __ were actually robots
Speedie and Cutie are two robots in Isaac __'s I, Robot story collection
Fry's robot friend on Futurama, created by Matt Groening
__ preferred to be called an artificial person in Aliens
C-2PO, R2-D2, R5-D4, and IG-88 are called _ in the Star Wars movies
Human's hid from Sentinels in the __ movies
__-__ is a clockwork mechanical man from the movie Return to Oz
__ was Jimmy Neutron's pet dog
HAL 9000 is from the movie 2001: A Space __
Peter Weller starred as __ in 1987, along with the ED-209
The Japanese manga __ was first published in 1952
Marvin the __ Android is from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Muffit Two and Cylons were robots on the TV series Battlestar __
The Hugh Jackman movie __ __ featured robot boxing
In Buck Rogers, the robot Twiki wore Dr. __ around his neck
Dot Matrix is from the Mel Brooks movie __, a Star Wars parody
The T-800, T-1000 and the T-X are from the __ franchise
The novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep became the movie __
The Autobots fight against the _ in the Transformers movies & cartoons
Johnny 5 was the star of the __ __ movies in the 1980s
The Robot B9 in Lost in Space is often quoted as saying "Danger _ _!"
Ewan McGregor voices Rodney & __ __ voices Fender in Robots
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