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If you're feeling __, you are also down in the dumps
Something can be a piece of __ or as easy as pie
Idle hands are his tools
If you are undecided on something you are said to be on the __
If these are full, you're probably too busy to do anything more
Living hand to __ means you don't have a lot of money for extras
A minor, little lie is said to be this color
The opposite yucky is __ - it tastes good!
If you're chatting with someone you're said to be shooting the __
If you hit this running you should have a head start
You should hope there is a __ to the madness
If something is off the __, it was told in confidence
A doubting __ is someone who doesn't believe without proof
If something is on the __ edge, it's state of the art
If you keep these crossed it should bring you good luck
If you are on pins and __, you're feeling anxious or nervous
Exactly how long is a __ __ minute?
Being under the __, or down in the mouth means you are sick
Don't count your __ before they hatch
You can know something backwards and __ or inside out
It's very hard to find a needle in one of these
If you are burning the __ oil, you�re staying up really late
People who make a __ out of a mole hill tend to overreact
Let __ dogs lie
Keep your nose to the __
R and R means rest and __
If it's pouring down rain, it's said to be raining these two animals
If you can't make __ __ __ of something, you don't understand it
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