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China produces half of the world's __ - about 3 billion tons a year
Extracting shale oil is more expensive than extracting __ oil
A pumpjack pulls oil from a well using a __ and moving head
Some oil fields require gas or __ injection to raise oil to the surface
Petroleum is stored in __; Natural gas is often stored underground
For years, natural gas was __ at refineries since it could not be sold
Coal produces about twice as much __ dioxide as natural gas
Petroleum and coal supply the majority of the world's __ needs
__ fuels come from decomposed ancient plants and animals
__ gas can be found in oil fields or in its own reserves
The world __ over 40 times more oil now than in 1930
Some estimate that current petroleum reserves may be __ in 80 years
Directional __ techniques can access previously unreachable resources
__, or hydraulic fracturing, breaks rock for natural gas extraction
__ is made from refined petroleum and powers most cars
__ oil drilling started after WWII in the Gulf of Mexico
Petroleum can be transported by ship, truck, or __
Crude oil and gas are turned into marketable products at a __
World __ of natural gas are expected to last over 200 years
China, Brazil, Estonia, the U.S., __ and Canada extract shale oil
Petroleum is used to create plastics and organic __
ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron are oil __
The __ industry is the world's largest in terms of dollar value
Oil, gas and coal are non-__ resources which will eventually be gone
Burning fossil fuels products releases carbon dioxide into the __
Shale oil extraction is known as an unconventional oil __ process
Mud logging measures the __ content while an oil well is drilled
__ __, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Canada and Russia have the most oil
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