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A hemisphere is __ of the Earth
Cartography is the making of __
An __ is a collection of bound maps
A spherical representation of the Earth
The North and South __ are on opposite ends of the earth
The line dividing two countries or regions
The tropic of __ is 23 degrees and 26 minutes north of the equator
The Rocky Mountains are an example of a continental __
On a map the key, or __, lists a map's symbols and their meanings
A __ map shows elevation differences and topography
The direction directly above a point on a celestial sphere
Directional device with a magnetic needle
The line halfway between the North and South poles
Latitude and longitude are measured in degrees, minutes & __
The elevation or height above sea level
North, south, east & west are the __ points of a compass
North/south global position measurement
One of 24 "one-hour" divisions of longitude
The tropic of __ is 23 degrees 26 minutes south of the equator
The zone where an ocean or sea meets land on a map
The Prime Meridian runs through this English city
The Earth's axis is an __ line between the two poles
East/west global position measurement
A __ map shows national boundaries
There are seven major __ on the earth
Because the earth is round and maps are flat, __ can be a problem
Your __ describe your location on a map
A __ map shows natural and man-made features
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