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A quadrilateral has exactly __ sides
All three angles in an __ triangle are less than 90 degrees
A flat two-dimensional object that extends to infinity
A __ is a location that has no length, width or depth
__ is the only dimension of a line
A line segment connecting a triangle vertex with its opposite midpoint
A right angle is exactly __ degrees
An __ triangle has one angle greater than 90 degrees
The distance from the center of a circle to any point on it
The point where two sides of a polygon meet
A __ has two equal acute angles and two equal obtuse angles
__ triangles have the same shape, but may be different sizes
A proven mathematical fact is called a __
The point where all medians of a triangle converge
Two lines on the same plane that don't intersect are __
Two-dimensional triangles, rectangles and squares are __
A sequence of steps leading to a desired end
When two halves are mirror images they have __ symmetry
If two figures are the same size and shape they are __
An __ triangle has two equal sides
A __ has four right angles
A __ has one pair of opposite sides that are parallel
The __ is opposite the right angle of a triangle
A solid figure with many faces, like a pyramid
These describe the location of a point relative to the origin
An __ triangle has three equal sides
The __ theorem states A squared plus B squared equals C squared
Sine, cosine and tangent are used in __
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