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One over par for a hole
A piece of grass lifted when a ball is struck
Two under par for a hole
These mark where the holes are
The first 9 holes of an 18 hole course are called the __ nine
The area of short grass surrounding a hole
Etiquette requires that observers remain __ while play is on
A __ happens when the ball is not struck squarely
A metal club designed to give height, not distance
One under par for a hole
A __ is a hazard filled with grass or sand
One who carries a golfer's club and sometimes gives advice
The 1 wood club, usually used for teeing off
The __ through is a very important part of a golfers swing
Club mostly used on the greens
The playing area between the tee and the green
Ponds, lakes, and sand are all types of __
A __ stroke is added to a player's score when a rule is broken
A __ player is someone who doesn't need a handicap
__ __ is the scheduled start time for a round of golf
The number of holes typically played
A golfers __ can be adjusted depending on the competition
A __ is poor shot that is allowed to be retaken without penalty
Jack __ had over 100 professional wins
Golf was invented in this country
The "19th hole" is at the __ bar where golfers can sit and relax
An ace is a __ __ __
Eldrick '__' __ has won 58 tournaments since going pro in 1996
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