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Number of books attributed to Confucius
Consecrated for religious use
The Mishna is a collection of Jewish __ law
Title given to the one residing in the Vatican
Name for both the Judeo and Christian Holy book
The Tao Te Ching originated in this country
The Gospels give the description of his life
Also spelled Qur'an, the holy book of Islam
He received the Law on Mt. Sinai
The first five books of the Jewish Bible
The most ancient literature of Hinduism
He taught and lived along the Ganges river
Classic Confucianism book used for divination
Chinese founder of Taoism
The Avesta is this kind of Zoroastrian book
Commentary of Jewish Oral Law
The I Ching is also called the Book of __
One who has a following of students
The Bhagavad-Gita is the devotional classic of __
The Hadith is the account of his life
The Upanishads are Hindu esoteric __
He wrote the Analects
__ and Covenants; revelations of Joseph Smith
Followers of Jesus Christ are called __
3rd. Century b.c.e. text attributed to Lao Tzu
The Christian Bible is divided into two of these
He translated golden plates into The Book of Mormon
Chuang Tzu was a __ whose book bears his name
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