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__ states were admitted into the Union during his presidency
The __ of 1819 was the first major financial crisis in the U.S.
He became Secretary of __ in 1811
He was elected to the __ Continental Congress in 1783
From 1794-1796 he was the ambassador to __
__ claimed the Pacific coast down to the fifty-first parallel
Was a member of the __ Colonization Society
He appointed John C. __ as his Secretary of War
General Washington promoted him to __ in the Revolutionary War
In the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, Spain ceded __ to the U.S.
Was wounded in the Battle of __ in December 1776
Left the College of __ and Mary to join the Continental Army in 1776
In "Washington Crossing the __," he is depicted holding the flag
The Monroe __ of 1823: no European intervention in the Americas
He was the last president to be considered a __ Father
During the Era of Good Feelings, there was very little __ strife
Sent General Andrew Jackson to fight the __ Indians in Florida
Was Governor of this state twice, the second time only for few months
He replaced John __ as Secretary of War in 1814
Didn't want the __ branch of government to have too much power
Studied law under this future president from 1780-83
John Quincy Adams was his __ of State
He ran __ in his bid for reelection in 1820
The Missouri __ was passed in 1820
He vetoed the __ Road Bill
Was an anti-__ and opposed ratification of the Constitution
Believed in the French __, so was opposed to Jay's Treaty in 1795
He died in __ __ __ on July 4, 1831
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