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The Adams-__ Treaty of 1819 gave Florida to the U.S.
He kept a __ from 1779 until just before his death in 1848
He signed the Treaty of __ to end the War of 1812
Henry Clay became his Secretary of __ in 1824
He graduated from Harvard and opened a law practice in __
His __ was the second president of the U.S.
Louisa Adams, born in __, is the only foreign-born First Lady
He was Secretary of State under this president
He was secretary and interpreter on a mission to __ at age 14
He resigned from the __ after his support of Jefferson's Embargo Act
Was the defense attorney in The U.S. v. The __ Africans in 1841
President Madison appointed him ambassador to __
Jackson claimed that Adams and Clay made a __ Bargain in 1824
He swam naked every day in the __ River for exercise
In 1798 President Adams appointed him ambassador to __
He supported The __ System of internal improvements with Clay
The Treaty of 1818 resolved __ issues between the U.S. and U.K.
He helped draft the Monroe __
He became a professor of __ at Harvard
In 1824, no candidate had enough __ votes to win the presidency
He became president because of the support of __ __ in the House
John C. Calhoun was his Vice __
Served __ years in the House of Representatives after his presidency
Washington appointed him ambassador to The __
Was a key supporter in the formation of the __ Institution
Signed the Tariff of 1828, also called The Tariff of __ by some
He reduced the __ __. His successor paid it off.
Helped diffuse the __ Crisis with South Carolina in 1832
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