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Prison, penitentiary, or a simple holding cell
Federal, state and local __ set the rules by which we live
__ police may need shields, batons and tear gas to control crowds
Special Weapons and Tactics
In some peaceful countries, law enforcement officers are not __
Where the evidence against an accused person is reviewed
A __ oversees trials, makes rulings and issues warrants
Names for state law enforcement vary: State __, police or troopers
Local __ are the smallest division of government law enforcement
Customs and Border Protection defends the U.S. from foreign threats
Most people only meet law enforcement when they're __
__ law enforcement includes the FBI, DEA, ATF and others
__ rights are read to a person who is taken into custody
Counties within a state will usually have a __
Agencies typically need a __ to search a person's property
Citizens have the right to an __ to represent them in court
The __ has helped improve research and intelligence gathering
__ and helicopters are used for airborne surveillance
__ are vital for law enforcement due to the amount of data researched
Law enforcement seeks to apprehend __ people
A __ investigates crimes in hopes of stopping future instances
In case of __, call 911
A person under arrest is placed in __ and taken to jail
Corporate and public __ with law enforcement increases effectiveness
The Drug __ Agency searches for illegal drugs, dealers and importers
Gathering and interpreting information to evaluate and predict actions
__ includes cameras, wiretapping and mobile phone call interception
The __ Security Administration (TSA) was created after 9/11
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