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Biomaterials scientists develop technologies for interacting with the __
Cell biology studies the structures and __ cycles of single cells
Ethology studies animals in the __, as opposed to in a lab or zoo
Pharmacology is the study of __ and their effects on the body
Astrobiology explores the requirements for life outside of __
The study of the plant world
__ biology studies plants and animals in the ocean
Psychotherapy has been diagnosing __ illnesses for many years
__ shots are a type of suppression immunotherapy
The study of the structure and layout of the body
Zoology studies the anatomy, behavior and biology of __
Physiology studies the __ and physical interactions in a living system
Affective neuroscience studies how the brain processes __
The reason a bear or deer will never give birth to a squirrel or a lizard
Bioethics deals with the controversial aspects of __ and biology
The field of science that studies cancer
__ and nucleic acids are examples of macromolecules
An __ balances the interaction of organisms and their environment
Immunology studies the body's defenses against __ and disease
__ biology focuses on genetic and biochemical processes
The study of the eyes and visual systems
Bioengineering uses technology to modify the function of __
The study of diseases, including diagnosis
__ uses X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans to create internal images
Conservation focuses on preventing the __ of plants and animals
Biocontrol may use the natural enemy of a pest to control its __
The scientific study of mental functions and behaviors
The study of very small organisms and life forms
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