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The surface of Mars appears to be __ rocks and clay
The planet is named for the Roman God of __
Acronym for the U.S. Space Agency
A __ on Mars is almost 687 Earth days long
The only planet that could someday support __ life
Mars has two __, Phobos and Deimos
What the latest Mars missions are trying to find
Some Martian ice is dry ice, made of __ dioxide
The Viking missions in the 1970s provided detailed __
A day on Mars is __ than one on Earth
Cartoon Martian always trying to destroy Earth
Martian colonies and invaders have inspired many __
First rover to land on Mars in January 2004
Your __ on Mars is about 38% of that on Earth
The War of the __ convinced us Martians were attacking
The Mars rovers used parachutes and __ to land
The first U.S. missions to Mars were named __
The Mars rovers use mechanical __ arms to explore
Future missions may try to retrieve rock and soil __
Mars is just over half the __ of Earth
The Soviet Union also had over a dozen Mars __
The thin __ does not provide much radiation protection
Jet __ Laboratories controls the rover missions
Today's children will be the right age for Mars __
Second rover to land on Mars in January 2004
What recharges the batteries on the 2004 Mars rovers
The average __ on Mars is 81 degrees below zero
Mars is the __ __ from the sun
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