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A __ was a young boy who acted as a messenger for a lord
The royal __ included the king's household as well as officials and nobles
The French term for a death-blow is coup de __ or "blow of mercy"
The king was the highest __ in the land
The wife of the king, or occasionally the daughter of a deceased king
The flat of a __ was tapped on both shoulders to dub a knight
Ladies gave __ to their favorite knights, usually a scarf or veil
The fool or court __ wore motley and entertained the king
At the age of seven, boys would begin training to become a __
A young teen who looked after a knight's horse and armor
__ on the battlefield is expected of all knights
__ were generally more fortified than a manor house
A __ may include a village, fields and a large house for the lord to live in
Knights carried __ to block their enemies' weapons
A lord had __ power over the people on his lands
Knights followed the code of __
Many knights in the Middle Ages went on __ to the Holy Lands
__ refers to the coat of arms that represent families
__ was a popular event featuring men in armour on horseback with lances
In the late __ period, new weapons made armoured knights obsolete
The poor people were called serfs or __ during this time
A destrier was a __ ridden by knights during jousts or battles
Noble lords and ladies __ their positions
Famous knights include El Cid, William Wallace and Richard the __
A knight swore __ to a lord or a king
The Song of Roland was about a knight during Emperor __'s reign
__ were very popular events that brought in knights from near and far
__ was an important skill on and off the battlefield
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