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You shouldn't do this to the hand that feeds you
To make just enough money to pay the bills is to "make __ meet"
To "buy something for a __" means it was really cheap
To "bring home the __" means to make the money for your family
If you are "rolling in the __" you are making a lot of money
"There is no such thing as a free __"
A really poor person "hasn't got a __ to their name"
"Money doesn't grow on __"
It has been said that money makes this go around
Someone who is as "poor as a __ mouse" has no money
"A penny saved is a penny __"
To "__ someone's palm" is to bribe or pay for a favor
"Money burns a hole in his __"
A large amount of money is also called a "King's __"
Tom Cruise screamed "__ __ the money!" in Jerry Maguire
If something is "worth its __ in gold" it is very expensive
"Money is the root of __ __"
To split the bill while on a date is to "__ __"
A pot of gold is said to be at the end of a __
Someone who is "money-__" can also be called a "penny-pincher"
A penny is the usual going rate for someone's __
"__ tastes on a beer budget" is to have expensive tastes, but no cash
They say "money can't buy __"
A __ __ is someone who marries for money
If you are on a "__ budget" you don't have a lot of money
"A fool and his money are __ __"
"Born with a __ __ in their mouth" means to come from a rich family
"Another day, __ __"
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