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Wilhelmus, the national anthem, is over __ centuries old
Much of the country is __ sea level
The people and language of the Netherlands are called __
In the 16th century it was ruled by __
This is the national color and is closely associated with patriotism
IKEA was founded in __, but is now owned by a Dutch charity
This colorful flower provides lots of revenue in tourism and exports
Clogs or __ shoes are often associated with The Netherlands
Queen __ abdicated in 2013 and Willem-Alexander became king
There are two __ cities: Amsterdam and The Hague
William of Orange and Mary Stuart ruled __ from 1689 to 1702
__ is an informal name for The Netherlands
It has __ policies on drugs, prostitution, and same-sex marriage
The highest point is Mount Vaals in __, at 1056 ft or 322 m
Was __ in WWI, but the Germans invaded in 1940
This Dutch company introduced audio & video tapes and the CD
The Dutch are among the world's __ people
This Starry Night artist died in Paris, though he was born Zundert
Three islands in the __ are also part of The Netherlands
The Dutch __ __ Company was founded in 1602
This country, whose capital is Jakarta, was a colony until 1942
__ van Rijn is a famous painter known for his self portraits
__ is the largest seaport in Europe
There are almost 2000 __ throughout the country
Netherlands means "__ __" in Dutch
Their explorers were the first to discover Australia and __ __
This new world city was once called New Amsterdam
Their __ of land by use of dikes was an engineering feat
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