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Niflheim is the cold, dark world of the __, also known as Hel
Muspelheim is the world of __ and fire-giants
This god is known as the trickster god, the father of lies and deceit
There are __ worlds in Norse mythology
He is the chief god in Norse mythology
This son of Odin was the god of war and thunder
Skoll is a __ who follows the sun across the sky
Svartalfheim is the world of the __ elves
Odin's horse, Sleipnir, supposedly had this many legs
Alfheim is the world of the __
A __ alphabet was used for divination and had magical properties
Asgard is the __ of the Gods
Jotunheim is the world of the __
The Feast of Ostara was celebrated on the __ equinox
Norse Myths influenced Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard __
Nidavellir is the world of the __
Freyr is the lord of sun, rain and __
The world of mankind is called __
Bifrost is the __ Bridge between the worlds of man and the gods
The __ believed that death in battle was the only honorable way to die
The __ Lights were supposedly formed by the armor of the Valkyries
Due to __, the gods knew the outcome of the end of the worlds
The home of Odin where slain warriors are welcomed
Minor deities who served Odin and brought heroes to his halls
Ragnarok heralded the __ of the Nine Worlds
Norse mythology started out as an __ __, rather than written
Women who chose to become warriors were called __
Many Norse themes exist in JRR Tolkien's The __ __ __ __ trilogy
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