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If you are anemic you may need more of this mineral in your diet
__ is an essential mineral found in almost every cell in the body
Vitamin B12 helps maintain healthy nerve and __ cells
RDA stands for Recommended __ Allowance
Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of __ as well as vitamins
__ acid can help prevent some birth defects
Fish and shellfish are a good source of __ -3 polyunsaturated fat
Chromium, copper, iodine and selenium are considered __ minerals
A large percentage of our bodies are made up of __ - drink up!
__ grain breads are better to eat than white
Magnesium is the __ most abundant mineral in our bodies
Vitamin B3 is also known as __
Salt is listed as __ on most food labels
This gives you strong bones
Fish, meat and legumes are a good source of __
The USDA uses this shaped structure to show balanced food intake
Vitamin C is also known as __ acid
The amount of energy in a particular food is measured in __
Toothpaste contains this to prevent tooth decay, but don't swallow it
UV rays from __ trigger vitamin D synthesis in the skin
Bananas are a good source of __, but potatoes have more
High intake of __ fats, trans fats and cholesterol is not good for you
Iron-containing __ transports oxygen to lungs via red blood cells
Vitamin B2 is also known as __
Many people take vitamin and mineral __ on a daily basis
Supplements with vitamins A, C and E are called __
Carrots and broccoli are goods sources of Vitamin A and __ __
__, in the form of breads and vegetables, are a good source of energy
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