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Thank you so very much for creating such wonderful puzzles!!!! They are so much fun to do when I need to take a break!! -Stephanie, PA
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Too much light causes __ build up, so keep tanks away from windows
Despite what is said in Finding Nemo, all drains do not lead to the __
__ keep water circulating and are usually combined with filters
__ is heavy, so make sure the tank is on a sturdy shelf or cabinet
For freshwater, the rule of thumb is one inch of fish per __ of water
__ aquariums are another name for tanks that use saltwater
If __ to a new house, take as much of the original water as you can
Dissolved __ levels are important to keep fish alive
Live __ help control algae, improve water quality and are good for fish
Bloodworms and brine __ are live food that can be fed to some fish
Changing __ regularly keeps the water healthy
Electric __ keep the water at the proper temperature
A guppy is a popular starter fish, also known as millionfish or __ fish
A person who keeps an aquarium is called an __
Colorful Betta fish are also known as Siamese __ fish
This typical pet fish was domesticated over 1000 years ago
The __ cycle helps break down waste products and eliminates toxins
A refractometer measures the __ of a saltwater tank
Each tank maintains its own __ system, but needs help balancing
Setting up a fish tank can be __, so budget carefully
__ aquariums are for fish that would normally live in the ocean.
__ fish prefer bigger groups, rather than swimming alone
Gravel, crushed marble or limestone, and sand are types of __
A __ tank allows a new fish to become acclimated
Clown fish, puffer fish and anglers prefer a reef-like __
Water __ should not fluctuate more than a few degrees
Most marine fish are __ and don't like other fish around them
__ filters use light to kill bacteria in water
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