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In __ of Pi by Yann Martel, the main character is called Pi
This number is missing from the first 31 digits of Pi
To celebrate Pi Day, bake a pie; __ is America's favorite
Swiss mathematician Leonhard __ popularized the Greek symbol Pi
The Bible suggests the value of Pi in __ 7:23
Pi day is every __ 14th
Pepperoni __ is sometimes used by schools to celebrate Pi Day
The Greeks tried to '__ a circle', which isn't possible
Unraveling Pi plays an import part in Carl Sagan's book __
Although round, circles can be said to have a infinite number of __
The __ Point of Pi is where there are six nines in a row
The perimeter of the Great __ divided by its height equals Pi times two
Pi is a mathematical __
Pi is the ratio between the circumference and __ of a circle
Pi Day is the also the birthday of this famous physicist
__ has created a cologne called Pi for smart men
In 2005, singer __ __ sang Pi on her album Aerial
__ pies covered in whip cream can be a fun way to celebrate
Computing Pi is considered a stress test for __
The Babylonians and __ came close to calculating Pi
22/7 and 355/113 are __ that can approximate Pi
Pi is the __ letter of the Greek alphabet; so is the letter P
Supercomputers have recently computed Pi to __ of digits
Ancient Greek mathematician __ first approximated Pi to 3.14
Pi is an __ number - the digits continue on and on
In 1988, Larry Shaw celebrated Pi at the __ __ Exploratorium
Any fractional representation of Pi is only an __
The formulas for the area and __ of circle use Pi
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