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Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg were part of the __ Generation
The Iliad, Odyssey, & The Song of Hiawatha are this type of poem
__ verse consists of unrhymed lines all of the same meter
An elegy is a poem that laments the __ of someone or something
Orange is one of the few words that does not __ with anything
A __ tells a story or legend, is often about love, and can be sung
"She's like the wind" is an example of this figure of speech
This type of poem has fourteen lines and a specific rhyme scheme
A group of lines with the same rhyme scheme and meter is a __
A __ is a pair of lines that rhyme and are of similar length
A sometimes humorous inscription on a tomb is called an __
John Keats wrote Ode to a __ Urn
A grouping of lines that repeats throughout a poem is called a __
An __ poem the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase
A __ is usually humorous, but is considered of little literary worth
A humorous and often bawdy poem that consists of five lines
"All the world is a stage" is an example of this figure of speech
Confessionalist poets use __ experiences as their inspiration
In a __ there are four lines, and lines 2 and 4 must rhyme
Shelley, Blake, Wordsworth, and Byron are considered __ poets
__ __ poems can rhyme or not, and often have no set meter
__ poems tell a story and include ballads, lays, and epics
Haiku poems have a total of __ syllables
The Fireside poets, such as Longfellow and Bryant, were from __ __
Shakespeare is well-known for using iambic __
The __ movement romanticized rural subjects
Use of words that start with the same letter or sound
The __ poets of the seventeenth century included John Donne
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