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Republican states are red, Democratic states are __
Presidential elections take place every __ years
Grassroots movements start at the __ level with volunteers & petitions
Voters who are __-wing tend to be considered conservatives
A __ state has no overwhelming support for one party or candidate
A president can only be elected for up to two __ or ten years total
A PAC, or Political __ Committee, raises funds for political candidates
In a __ primary election only members of a political party can vote
Presidential candidates will __ issues in front of live audiences
The __ Service protects leading presidential candidates
The 14th, 15th, 19th and 26th amendments affect __ rights
The __ vote does not determine who is elected president
The election always takes place on the __ between November 2nd & 8th
Primaries & __ are held in each state in the months before an election
The presidential election is an __ election by the Electoral College
Voters who are left-wing tend to be considered ___
A __ tries to influence politics on behalf of special interest groups
The party __ is a statement of a party's principles and goals
Each state has a number of __ votes based on legislative members
The __ party evolved from the Anti-Federalist party in the 1790s
This party's first candidate was Abraham Lincoln
A president must be this age or older and be born in the US
__ can include print, radio, television and internet spots
State delegates vote for their party's candidate at the National __
An old term for when candidates attack each other's credibility
__ is another word for the people who vote within a state or county
Voters who are not affiliated with a political party are called __
__ is the term for changing voting areas to benefit one party
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