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Thank you so very much for creating such wonderful puzzles!!!! They are so much fun to do when I need to take a break!! -Stephanie, PA
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__ legs are more suited for jumping than walking
This snake is known for its flaring hood
This reptile is the mascot for an insurance company
Lizard-like __ have the ability to regenerate limbs
The family Scincidae, also known as __, have 1,200 species
__ is a common name for many types of venomous snakes
The common __ snake are often found in gardens and woods
__ is the generic term for four-legged reptiles
A __ is an non-venomous, constricting snake
A snake smells by using its forked __
Green __ are commonly kept as pets
After hatching, a baby frog starts as a __
Bog, box, chicken, snapping and pond are all types of __
The largest known __ from South America was 10 meters long
The legendary 'King of Serpents' is said to kill with just a look
The water __ is also called a cottonmouth
__ is another term for aquatic or semi-aquatic turtles
A slow-moving, land-dwelling cousin of the turtle
All snakes have teeth, but only some are __
Early Spanish explorers of Florida called this reptile "el lagarto"
"Never smile at a __" according to Disney's Peter Pan
They were the largest living reptiles
__ are known for being able to change their color
"I'm being eaten by a boa __"
The __ __ of Mexico and the southwestern U.S. is poisonous
__ __ said "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
The __ __ of Indonesia is the largest living species of lizard
Diamondbacks and sidewinders are types of __
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