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How a writer feels about a topic is conveyed in his __
Aporia expresses __ or disbelief about an idea or conclusion
Figurative language creates an __ in the reader's mind
To make a logical conclusion based on information believed to be true
Deductive __ uses an argument to to support a conclusion
Rhetoric is the __ of the effective use of language
Sententia: Statement concluded with a pithy statement of general __
Explaining a difficult concept by likening it to a familiar one
Style of writing portrayed through the choice of words
R.I.P. or Rest in Peace is an example of an __
Denotation is the __ meaning of a word as opposed to figurative
A __ argument is a strong verbal or written attack on someone
Facts or instructions that are not questioned
A brief reference to a famous person or event
"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Using threats or rewards to force someone to act against their will
__ language is used to instruct or teach about morality
Passage from one work used at the beginning of another to contrast
Vernacular is the native __ of a particular group or region
Rhetorical __ is when a rhetorical term is used effectively
__ logic: I've only seen white swans, so all swans must be white
Insulting or highly critical language
Pleonasm means being __: "We heard it with our own ears."
No reptiles have fur, & all snakes are reptiles, so no snakes have fur
"Dee, the owner of the car, washed it every day." The subject is __
A statement that is considered true, but is neither proven or disproven
A word or phrase inserted as an aside in the middle of a sentence
__ lets the writer emphasize the importance of an idea or phrase
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