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It helps for the room to be __ at bedtime or nap time
Drinking warm __ is said to help make you sleepy
Not getting enough sleep can leave you in a bad __
Sleeping at __ is usually a bad idea unless it's during lunch
Sleep __ is a term for interrupted breathing while sleeping
Some __ can help you sleep, but use them only as directed
Has counting __ to get sleepy ever really worked?
Working a night or evening __ can make sleeping especially difficult
Children sometimes want to hear a __ before going to sleep
If you're constantly __ you may need to review your sleep habits
If you lie in a strange position, your arm or leg may fall __
Some __ are pleasant, but some intense ones can wake you up
Different __ types support those who sleep on their back, sides or belly
It may be hard to sleep if your partner __
Avoid __ and intense situations before bedtime
The tryptophan in __ can make for a sleepy Thanksgiving
Using __ to relax you for sleep can actually affect your sleep quality
Some medical __ specialize in diagnosing sleep problems
Young __ need a nap during the day to recharge
These can help you tune out any nighttime noises
Regular __ can help your body rest when it's time to sleep
Your __ may need to be flipped over to avoid flat spots
Changing your __ while sleeping can help blood flow
Try to maintain a consistent sleep __, even on weekends
Most teens and adults need an __ __ to wake them in the morning
Most people need __ __ of sleep; children and teens need more
Some people need the room __ to be cooler for sleeping
An all-day __ or preschool may include nap time in the daily schedule
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