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This government agency is in charge of U.S. space flights
At 76, John __ went back into space on the shuttle Discovery
The goal of this program was to land a person on the moon
__ was an extension of Project Mercury
This space telescope was launched by Discovery in April 1990
The Lunar __ was what took the astronauts down to the moon
The manned Apollo missions were aboard a __ V rocket
America's first Earth-orbiting space station
The number of astronauts who walked on the moon
Yuri __ was the first man in space
Mission Control is located at the Johnson Space Center in __
President __ was determined to catch up with the Soviets
This program had ships named: Friendship, Liberty Bell & Faith
Many of the Apollo missions __ the earth and moon
Alan __ was the first American in space on Mercury 3
The Soviet __ missions sent dogs into space, not people
The first space shuttle __ was launched April 12, 1981
This Apollo mission was a "successful failure"
Neil __ was the first man to walk on the moon
The Kennedy Space Center is located in Cape __, Florida
A Russian or Soviet astronaut is called a __
The first American woman in space: __ __
There were a total of __ Apollo missions
A __ is considered EVA, or extra-vehicular activity
The shuttle __ exploded 74 seconds after take-off Jan. 28, 1986
Space shuttles can be used to launch __
Apollo 11 landed on the Sea of __
The __ Space Station began assembly in 1998
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