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The smallest piece of a chemical element
The red planet - has evidence of river beds
A planet's natural satellites, like Io and Europa
Streaking object composed of ice and gas
Third rock from the sun
Smallest, darkest and coldest planet found in 1930
A galaxy is composed of millions of __
Hot, dense, and acidic planet; closest to Earth
Spinning clouds of stars, dust, and gas
A shooting star
A galaxy-sized cloud of dust and gas; Crab __
Planet surrounded by rings of icy rock and gas
The dog star - The brightest star visible from earth
Cold, barren planet named for the Greek sky god
One theory of how the universe was created
Force that attracts two masses to each other
This comet orbits the sun every 76 years
Biggest planet by far
The planet closest to the sun
Has a stormy surface with 1200 mph winds
Our Galaxy
Nearest neighboring galaxy - 2.2 mil. Light years away
Chunks of rock, mainly between Mars and Jupiter
Forms when a large star collapses, no escaping it
The explosion of a large star
Shape of the Earth's orbit
How distance is measured in space
Group of stars connected to form an image
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